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About Our Firm

Career Vogue was founded in 2018 to provide premier consulting and professional development services to career centers at colleges and universities. We utilize seasoned professionals who have worked within career centers across various types of educational institutions that may include universities, community colleges, and public career centers.

Our consultants specialize in career development theory and implementation, employer engagement and job development, recruiting, internship programming, student/job seeker services, and organizational management.

Career Vogue provides services in-person and remotely through Zoom and Skype. 

Image by Laura Chouette

About Our Name



Definition: current, trending, and popular 

The definition of vogue explains the mindset we wish students to have while embarking on their career journeys. We want them to be current in their knowledge; we want them to be aware of what is trending in their field; we want them to know the skills and experiences that are popular at any given time. 

The name "Career Vogue" is a statement to the type of service to expect from our firm. We will always provide the latest and current trends in education, workforce, and economic development to support career services. 

The founder of Career Vogue had a personal interest in style and creativity. He sought ways to integrate his personal taste for color and fashion into career services. From that desire, Career Vogue was born! 

About Our Team


Daniel Newell, MPA

Focus Areas: employer engagement, job & internship development, corporate relations, fundraising, organizational management

2019 Staff Pic (2).jpg

Jill Klees

Focus Areas: student and job seeker services, workplace wellness for teams and individuals, organizational management

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