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One-on-One & Team Consulting

Consulting provided on flexible basis to meet your needs - by phone, Zoom, Skype, 1:1 or group, scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

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Employer Engagement & Job Development

Career Vogue provides consulting and feedback regarding employer engagement, job and internship development, and employer relations. We focus on cultivating and growing employer relationships through a tiered approach. Employer engagement focuses on identifying your "inner circle" of stakeholders, developing a tiered approach to engagement, and exploring fee-for-service options as part of an employer menu-of-services.  Personnel will explore sponsorship and donation packages and options. This service can include revenue-generating ideas that may include fundraising, grants, private business ventures, and philanthropy.

Infrastructure, HR, & Organizational Management Models

Career Vogue offers consulting regarding organizational management models/theory for public administration. Government departments/divisions, centers, and non-profit organizations are ideal institutions for this service. Consulting may include deploying an organizational assessment, employee and manager assessments/survey research, tracking organizational goals through a Program Logic Model, program/policy analysis, decision making, online program management tools, personnel classifications & recruitment.

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Fundraising & Revenue Generation

Career Vogue introduces new approaches regarding ways to raise funds and to increase revenues for Career Centers. This practice focuses on diversifying funding streams, focusing on business development through employer engagement, partnerships that include philanthropic contributions, internal funding opportunities at colleges and universities, grant writing, resource sharing, in-kind contributions, and securing private contracts.

Personnel/Management Assessments

Career Vogue explores how to survey employees and managers to determine their qualifications/background, their perceptions about professional growth and development, compensation, benefits, relationship management, & leadership (management authority, inclusive decision making, and strategy/long-term planning).

Career Vogue can also implement customized personnel and management surveys/assessments, assist in interpreting results, and provide recommendations.

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Survey Research & Assessments

Career Vogue integrates online methodologies to survey students, the public, and employers to learn about their current employment situation, hiring trends, salary/income, and demographics. Data can be used in grant writing and as a tool when soliciting funding. It can be integrated as part of an annual report or publication to help showcase current trends and to project forecasts. These practices can also be implemented as part of a First Destination Survey.

The experience I had with Career Vogue provided me a solid step-by-step process to becoming a better job developer and career services professional. I would recommend this training to any new job developer or career services professional.

Andrew Soliz, Program Specialist - Mission College

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