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The Employer Relations Academy (ERA) is the premier interactive training experience that integrates a cohort model with employer relations best practices to develop relationships, internships, and jobs for students and early career professionals. Career Vogue’s academy is designed to provide the essential fundamentals and foundational framework necessary to be successful for novice and intermediate level staff at college and university career centers.

Attendees participate in a series of online challenges, earn badges, and conduct real research to identify actual individuals and employer networks (leads) that serve as access points to develop jobs, internships, and employer relationships. 

Participants utilize an online mobile app to engage with peers, join forums to share ideas, network, and further develop their skills as employer relations representatives. They work in groups to brainstorm employer menus of services, explore service delivery options, and develop tiers of engagement. Attendees implement a final presentation and learn from their peers about how to engage and present to employers. 



  • Introduction to Employer Engagement & Job Development

  • Types of Opportunities to Develop (regular, temporary, seasonal, internship, apprenticeship, externship, fellowship, co-op, service-learning, volunteer, gig/contract ) 

  • Micro, Meso, & Macro Models

  • Job Development Process

  • Utilizing the Inner Circle of Stakeholders Model

  • Developing a Tiered Approach

  • Approaching Sectors: Private, Government, & Non-Profit

  • Employer Consultation Life Cycle

  • Monroe's Motivated Sequence Model

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Learning Outcomes

  • Define job development and understand how to create job and internship opportunities 

  • Identify campus and community partners who can help facilitate connections with employers to generate leads 

  • Create a tiered approach for employer relations and engagement 

  • Distinguish between and assign appropriate job development models (micro, meso, macro) to meet institutional needs 

  • Classify various types of student work opportunities 

  • Conceive an employer Menu-of-Services

  • Implement varying approaches to engaging multiple employer sectors (private, government, nonprofit)

  • Outline the employer consultation life cycle process

  • Convey a sales tactic to develop a persuasive pitch/presentation to engage employers


Enrollment & Tuition

Space is Very Limited, First Come, First Served

Attendance to the Employer Relations Academy is based on available space. Enrollment is open to all college and university staff and administrators across the United States.  Classes are kept small and intimate to enhance the learning experience. Participants are expected to network and collaborate on team projects, share and present their ideas and results, and contribute to a supportive learning environment. Participants are to encourage innovation, creativity, and outside-the-box thinking among their peers. 

All registrants must be able to commit to the following requirements: 

  • Employed by a college or university 

  • Able to attend all sessions 

  • Participate in online mobile challenges 

  • Submit work to instructor for review 

  • Open to receiving feedback from the instructor and their peers to enhance learning

Registrants participate in up to 2.5 hours of in-class instruction each meeting that includes team projects and discussions. Classes meet every other week. Between meetings, registrants will be expected to complete 1-2 hours of real-world challenges and research to help enhance their learning experience. 

Tuition for the Employer Relations Academy is $350 per person + the Eventbrite processing fee. 


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The experience I had with Career Vogue provided me a solid step-by-step process to becoming a better job developer and career services professional. I would recommend this training to any new job developer or career services professional.

Andrew Soliz, Program Specialist - Mission College

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