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Employer Relations Academy (ERA) 2024

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The Employer Relations Academy (ERA) is the premier interactive training experience that integrates a cohort model with employer relations best practices to develop relationships, internships, and jobs for students and early career professionals. Career Vogue’s academy is designed to provide the essential fundamentals and foundational framework necessary to be successful for novice and intermediate level staff at college and university career centers. Learning Outcomes: -Define job development and understand how to create job and internship opportunities -Identify campus and community partners who can help facilitate connections with employers to generate leads -Create a tiered approach for employer relations and engagement -Distinguish between and assign appropriate job development models (micro, meso, macro) to meet institutional needs -Classify various types of student work opportunities -Conceive an employer Menu-of-Services -Implement varying approaches to engaging multiple employer sectors (private, government, nonprofit) -Outline the employer consultation life cycle process -Convey a sales tactic to develop a persuasive pitch/presentation to engage employers

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